Structural Design

Content Strategy and Architecture

This is where the basic building blocks of the web site are created.  We'll have more questions and nothing is set in stone but in many ways this is where the fundamental part of your site is created of which most aspects are based.  This is really just a text based idea of the site and how it will link together and flow.

  • Domain name creation:  Much of the content creation is designed with SEO in mind and the domain name itself is extremely important.  It is just not what your visitors seStructural Design Jigsawe in the address bar of their browser but is also incorporated within the website itself.  If needed we can walk you through the registration of the domain name(it is yours) and eventually get it to point to your web site.  On a side note, TVWebDesigns will weigh for you some benefits of the .tld( those are the .com, .net, .org, etc. you see on the end of the domain name) where there are now a great many new ones to choose from such as .shop, .forum, .tech, and many more.  We have some pretty good insights into the use of the new .tlds which you may or may not benefit from.
  • Hierarchy development:  This is essentially the creation of your navigation structure.  At this point we know what textual content and additional features(photo gallery, contact us page, for example)you are seeking and essentially build a site map.  There's no real visual element here but this is the point where some thought on your end as to what you actually want to have textually on individual pages.  This is the foundation though nothing is concrete....tweaking along the way is always inevitable.
  • Content development:  Visuals, visuals, visuals.  Though not incorporated yet we need to get together and walk through any images, animations, video, and just flat out color scheme to go with.  Whether you already have a logo you're bringing to the table or need one created, for example, it needs to fit the overall look and feel.  At this point we're just thinking ahead of how the textual content will flow with the imagery. 

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