Functional Design

At this point we've got a web site that is looking pretty good but not everything works.  Links work and one can navigate around the site but elements are missing.  Perhaps during the creative design phase some code was introduced to make images "pop" or slide, a "contact us" page was developed, etc.  This is all generally done on an in-house server that mimics the real thing but now it's time to make sure it works in a "live" environment and also if there is any custom development of, for example, integration with a POS system outside the website, that it integrates and functions as intended.  
Functional Design Gears

  • Application Integration:  By application what is meant is any feature that relies on some form of communication outside of the web site itself.  Contact forms are an example where such forms need to connect to email servers in order for you to receive a customers request.  Integrations with other applications you may use in the office to even connecting the site to your Facebook and/or twitter account are other examples.  This can be a relatively short process or in the case of something like an online store where multiple connections to multiple entities are made at the same time to come together for a purchase a bit longer.  The visual design is still being tweaked for anything we introduce but no major departures from what has already been created.  At this point there may be some light or heavy things done on your end.  Web stores require payment processors, possible accounts created at your shippers website, etc.  Integration to Facebook requires a basic weblink.  Google Analytics are incorporated into every site where you'll want to create an account with them.  We'll give you a heads up during our initial discussions on what actions you need to take so we can get it all talking together.  
  • SEO and Site Optimization:  Once we've got things working the focus becomes on some additional coding and optimization so your web site not only ranks high but loads quickly.  Every image at this point is put through optimal compression, database queries are checked for duplicates, and the code necessary to load the page compressed as well.   As a side note, upon request, TVWebDesigns can also incorporate an automated sitemap generator that submits daily to search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo your site.  This is just a small part of  SEO but it can speed up the process of getting there and coupled with other utilities keep you there.

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