Final Review and Launch

QA and It's Yours

Your project is done and it's time to go live with it.  If hosting with TVWebDesigns we'll get it up on our hosting servers and "flip the switch".   If you decide not to host with us we'll still install it for you at the host of your choice.  We'll make sure that whatever host you choose meets the requirements necessary to run the site(not all hosts are created equal) and either way we'd like to have access to the site for a couple of months to make sure aspects like SEO are functioning as desired.  You will be shown how to use the site whether it is simply using the CSM/back-end part of Joomla or WordPress to alter and add text to effectively get the most of any e-commerce option if installed.  Quite often if desired even before this point you can be given access to a generic version of the JoomLaunch Live Sitela or WordPress CMS to simply play with.  There is also no problem in making minor "tweaks" to the web site during this time.  And, whether hosting with us or not if you feel you need to have maintenance on the site to update it we do offer that service.

  • Quality Assurance:  This is simply the process where a web site is run through an application that mimics real-world use.  By now it's done but if an issue is found it is fixed.  This part of the development is at it's core making sure there are no bottlenecks in the design that effects performance/speed and if anything is found it can be resolved.  You are also given full access to the site at this time to make sure what has been created for you exceeds your expectations.
  • Going Live:  Fun time.  As mentioned we will install it for you regardless of the web host you choose but before this time if not using TVWebDesigns you'll need to run it by us so we can make sure it is a quality host.  You've gone to this length and the site is working smoothly but a poor host can greatly effect not only how quickly your site renders but functions as well.  Once you have the keys it is yours and you'll receive a complete copy of the site including all images, code, etc. As part of the service whether you choose a maintenance option or not your live site will also be checked on for a couple of months to ensure continued functionality.

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