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Hello, I am Steve Goyen, and TVWebDesigns is the product of just years of coding, hosting, and building web sites for friends, family, and the occasional person who knows what I do and asks for help.  I've been doing this for 25 yrs., mostly on the side to my "regular job", and I'm recently in a position where I can focus on turning what started as a hobby into a profession.  From initial contact to design to finalizing the product and hosting you'll typically be working with me all the way through.  I will occasionally utilize some local partners where a different set of expertise may be required or simply to help with time but that is rare.  Typically, I am working on 1 or 2 sites at a time at different points of development and won't take on anything else that takes focus from the task at hand.

My first website I guess could be considered one I built on a free platform called GeoCities many many years ago where the ability to design what was on the computer screen hooked me.  It was pretty ugly and used over-the-top animations but for the time period and technology available I thought it was cool.  So I could test out and build I soon found an actual web host to practice with(a lot more expensive back then) due to limitations on what one could do with code on GeoCities.  About everything I did was simply done in notepad where I became pretty proficient with HTML which is the language your browser interprets to what it sees and displays to you.  It can still very much be an issue today but the different browsers at the time like IE or Netscape interpret HTML differently which really helped in learning the ropes.  Around this time was my first actual web site which I developed for my wife and a few of her online friends who needed a message board.  Using an existing PERL flat file script for the board functionality and incorporating HTML I soon had a web site for them that actually attracted 1000's of users which led to learning many more ropes.

Never believe a host that tells you unlimited anything :)  That site was kicked off more web hosting servers due to how busy it was and resources used than I can remember.  Optimization back then was a bit different and even when PHP(game changer in the coding and design world) came along and I switched from PERL to a PHP based solution using MySQL the 60+ million page views/month was just too much for web hosts to take on at a decent cost.  That's where I got into web hosting.  Had enough of moving the site from host to host, picked up a server, and hosted it myself.  That site and a few other smaller ones were on a platform I controlled and I found there was plenty of space and resources left for other sites so I decided to enter the web host business.  It was actually pretty successful but 5 yrs and 10 servers later the industry pretty much filled up with what I called at the time,"kids",  putting unlimited everything and underselling traditional hosts to the point where the time and effort were frankly not worth the dollar amount.  I pared down the servers, hosting only what I created and sold the rest.  "Unlimited" is still a much used marketing tool but that message board site which still exists today would be kicked off many of those hosts now just as it was in the past.

From there I just focused on design and the ever changing landscape of tools available.  The HTML standard now is at what is called HTML5, CSS has grown to a pretty powerful state, PHP which underlies and outputs the code written has improved dramatically, and of course, mobile responsive is one of the latest big and necessary things.  My philosophy when it comes to building sites is to not reinvent the wheel.  There is standardized code and applications that do what they do very well and understanding how it works allows for customization and integrating where necessary.  The end result should be a great looking web site that you are proud to call yours.

On a more personal level, I'm married, have four kids, and when I'm not working my main function seems to be taking my kids to and from their various sports practices and staying involved.  We live in the Mountain View H.S. area and do have 2 boys who play football and lacrosse for them.  I'm active in the MVHS football booster organization where I mainly control much of the content for their web site and do some of the image design.  It, btw, is a pre-fab site that I didn't build.  I had up until recently worked for the same company for 10+ years but decided to turn my focus onto my own thing and hopefully I can help you focus on yours.

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